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Quality control

The use of the name of a company such as ours implies high-quality standards. With a name like PRESIDENT ROOFING, we are able to achieve a high level of excellence in all areas of our work. Aware that our reputation rests primarily on the quality of our achievements, a foreman in charge of the work is on site at all times and for each project. This is how we can ensure we obtain results beyond reproach, responding fully to our requirements, as well as to our customers’ high expectations.

In addition, at the time of delivery, a master roofer having more than 35 years’ experience (exclusively in the field of roofing) inspects the work in the presence of the owner. This audit covers more than 30 points and allows us to exercise tight control over the quality of the work carried out according to best practices. At the end of the project, our customers have peace of mind, as so we, and we remain convinced that we offer our customers the best service.