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When you hire a company to have major work done, the first questions you instinctively ask yourself as a consumer are related to the warranty and the exclusions. So, if a contractor, before starting the work, dodges these questions or fails to inform you of the details related to these points (which are likely very important to you), isn’t it normal to think he’s incompetent, irresponsible or careless? Do you think that forcing the information out of him will make him a more competent, careful, and responsible contractor? Certainly not!

At President Roofing, our main mission is to satisfy all our clients. Our significant experience, competence, and integrity allow us to provide the best expertise and the most impeccable service on the market. Whether in terms of the knowledge we share, the quality of our materials, or our work, which always meets industry standards, we are convinced that you will not find better quality anywhere else. With more than 9000 roofs installed since 1991, we have the experience and competence needed to offer you not only a roofing installation that is fully guaranteed, but also one that meets your every expectation.


Installation : In the event of any problem with the roof resulting from our installation, for ten (10) years after the date of completion of the work, we will repair without cost any installation defect and, if applicable, replace all materials necessary to complete the repair.

Materials : In the event of any problem with the roof resulting from the defectiveness of new materials installed during the work, for twenty (20) years after the date of completion of the work, we will replace without cost all defective roof materials, except the roofing surface (shingles and elastomeric membrane) which are guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Mandated roofing Company

Since 1991, Club Toiture / President Roofing have been mandated by the largest shingle manufacturer in Québec (BP EMCO) to repair roofs covered by the warranty on their products. BP EMCO shingles are installed on over 70% of all slope roofs in Québec. Of the three shingle manufacturers in the province, the century-old BP EMCO, with a plant located in LaSalle, can claim 70% of the Quebec market. Get informed!