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The best quality service possible!

By entrusting your roofing project to PRESIDENT ROOFING, you ensure first and foremost, a roof that will meet your every expectation.

Did you know that roofing contractors represent the group against which the largest number of complaints from dissatisfied customers is lodged every year with the Office de la protection du consommateur? The reason is very simple: a roof is a very complex system requiring much more than the mere installation of waterproofing materials (shingles, membrane, etc.) so that it safely protects a building from the weather while it stays problem-free.

In fact, for a roofer (and this applies to all) to install a new roof that will protect your building all year round and stay problem-free during twenty years or more, he needs to inspect, and if necessary correct the key interconnected components of your roofing structure that may jeopardise your warranty. In doing so, he meets the requirements of the waterproofing material manufacturer as well as the standards of the National Building Code.

Each year, hundreds of roofs are installed by contractors who are irresponsible or have little or no experience. These roofers fail to inspect the key interconnected components of your roofing structure, which can create problems and put your warranty in jeopardy. This is forcing hundreds of consumers each year to face all kinds of issues associated with their roof and to repeat the process of finding a new contractor and paying to fix problems. They can also endure the painful consequences of taking their first contractor to court. Of course, the best solution has always been and remains a job well done right from the start.

As a President and Owners of Club Toiture / Président Roofing, with over 30 years' experience in the field of repairing and rebuilding roofs, and over 9,000 roofs installed since 1991, our mandate is clear: your unconditional satisfaction!

Maxime Michaud, Marc-André Beaulieu,